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optimist countries

Thailand 100%Central 1n Republic 100%Seychelles 100%
Venezuela, RB 100%Argentina 100%Samoa 100%
Zimbabwe 100%Panama 93%Rwanda 87%
Virgin Islands (U.S.) 77%Brunei Darussalam 77%Australia 74%
Jordan 73%Nicaragua 67%Singapore 67%
Cyprus 63%Namibia 63%Italy 63%
Finland 62%Greece 62%Ireland 62%
Israel 61%Egypt, Arab Rep. 60%Azerbaijan 60%

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Dear would-be member of our club,

If you feel that you would like to join to our Optimist Club, the only things you have to do is to fill in the entry form and undertake to commit yourself to the Optimist’s 10 rules and to the spreading of optimism. Why is it worth it to join? Because by doing so you will be immediately informed about our programs, where, apart from having fun, you can get to know many people who think in a similar way as you do. To get these news, you only have to subscribe to our newsletter in the newsletter section.
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1. Never give up
2. You must believe in yourself. You will be able to achieve your goals if they are in accord with your talents. Be patient and persistent.
3. Always be helpful and nice with others. If you are open towards people, you will find your kindness abundantly “repaid” in your personal relationships.
4. Always consider important decisions carefully.
5. You must remain an optimist even in difficult situations. This is not so simple and sometimes you may have to see reality a little bit distorted in order to make it tolerable.
6. Share your problems, but your success too, with your friends and those you love. You give them the greatest happiness if you are successful and contented.
7. Concentrate on the present. If you do this, you would will heal with time.
8. Try to find similarities instead of differences in people.
9. Protect nature. Only then can you live in harmony with your environment.
10. A smile can do bigger things than you would imagine. Some humor and positive thinking will help you to know that life is beautiful.