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Who was Dr. Cronio Pérez?
A psychologist and journalist born in Columbia and also a professor of the Eötvös Loránd Science University of Budapest and, above all, a forever smiling optimist. He was the one to launch the “for an Optimistic Hungary” mental health program. He studied optimism for years in Hungary and he also wrote his Ph.D. thesis on optimism. He died in July, 2003, while riding his bicycle. His memory lives forever in our heart.

Cronió about himself
I am confident that one of the bases of the successful and meaningful life is the positive attitude. In this spirit, as a psychologist I do intercultural research on the optimism-pessimism topic with “my own methods”.
I have developed and launched the “for an Optimist Hungary” mental health program. The aim of the program is to support the formation and development of favourable societal processes through connecting the potentials (possibilities) of media and telecommunication in a new way. To serve the best interest of the program, I am in contact with different civil organisations, governmental institutions, trading concerns and also with the media on a daily basis.
My fundamentally optimistic nature, I believe, have contributed to my achievements so far. At the moment, I also work as a journalist.
I was brought up in Bogota. I like singing, playing the guitar, dance to salsa and mereguére music – I get positive energies from this kind of music.
I am confident that a good sense of humour, self-satisfaction and strong self-esteem all help to have harmonious relationships and to live happier.

“We no longer have control over our Past, we are masters of our Future (…).
Many think: a Hungary, there was – I would like to think: a Hungary, there shall be!
Széchenyi István

“It is definitely not true that – as it is often said – happiness lasts only one minute or that it can only be detected when it is over. The truth is that happiness lasts until love lives in the heart because in love, even death is beautiful.“
Gabriel García Márquez
If God forgot that I was a rag doll and gave me the gift of a little piece of life, I would probably not say out loud everything I think of, but I would certainly weigh every word I say. I would see the value of things not in what they are worth but in what they mean. I would sleep little and dream more; I have understood that by closing our eyes for a minute, we loose 60 seconds of light forever. I would go when others stop and wake when everyone else is asleep. I would keep silent when others speak and would enjoy the frosty flavour of the chocolate ice-cream oh so much…
If God gave me a little life, I would take on humble clothes and with arms flung open would I turn towards the sun – not only body but soul uncovered.
Oh, God, If I had such pure heart, I would write all my hatred on ice waiting for the sun to rise. I would paint a Benedetti-poem on the stars with the dream of Van Gogh and offer Serrat’s song, as a serenade, to the Moon.
I would water the roses with my tears to feel the pain of their thorns, the flaming kiss of their petals… One single day would not pass without telling the people whom I love how much I love them.
I would explain to all men and women that they are most important for me; thus I would live in love with love.
I would show people how much they are wrong assuming that their love is gone because of their elderly age; they do not know that we are grown old because our love is gone.
I would give wings to children but would let them learn how to fly alone. I would teach the old that it is not old age but forgetting that kills.
How many things I have learnt from all of you...
I have learnt that everyone wants to live on the top of the hill, not knowing that the real happiness can be found in the way of getting there.
I have learnt that every time a baby’s tiny fist is closed around their father’s finger, it destines it to be trapped for eternity.
I have learnt that one may only look down on others when to help them stand up, he gives a helping hand.

Letters of condolence after Cronio Pérez passed away

From: Hoós Rita
Date: 3 July 2003 11:20
Subject: joining

Dear Optimists,
I was filled with deep consternation, listening to the radio on the 2nd of July. The widow has my deepest sympathy, her loss is beyond expression. I admire her strength and I hope it will last. She is absolutely right saying that the man lives until his influence lasts. This broadcast meant very much for me in the present stage of my life. Therefore, I would really like to join the club.
Best regards:
Hoós Rita

From: tamas iren
Date: 2 July 2003 12:54
Subject: Cronio

I heard the tragic news yesterday. I cannot help thinking what would he say in a similar case, what would Cronio do. I would like to see it as an optimist :) He owe Him many thanks for bringing so much brightness for us, if for only so long. I would like the positive aura that he started to emit to further spread.
Tamás Irén

From: Szűcs Boglárka
Date: 28 July 2003 11:10

Dear Optimist clum and club members,
I would like to express my deep consternation and sorrow towards all relatives and friends, who know it well that Cronio was a happy and good person. I had the chance to get to know him during an interesting and useful lecture. I am glad I could came to know him because he coloured our life with his kindness and humanity.
best regards:
A member of the optimist club

From: Kossuth Zsuzsanna SZKI
To: Optimist Club
Date: 5 July 2003 21 :24
Subject: condolence

Dear advisory board of the Optimist Club,
My condolences on the passing of our friend Cronio Perez. He often appeared with his dedicated team in our school, the Kossuth Zsuzsanna vocational school in Dabas; his work was important and successful. His life-work served the best interest of our country. The optimism he radiated shall still operate!
Kosztolányi Gyula - headmaster

From: Pótor Erika
To: Optimist club
Date: 26 June 2003
Subject: Re:optimism

My dear Optimism Friends,
It was with deep consternation and sorrow that I heard that dr. Cronio Perez had passed. He was the only “unknown friend” whom I came to know through the internet and some postal correspondence. We never met personally – unfortunately. Despite this, he made me, my family, my colleagues and my pupils happy and gave us, who are members of the Optimist Club – more than a hundred people –, positive energies all the time. I will never forget the happiness when my kid won a drawing contest in 2001 and Cronio Perez congratulated him and we could see his drawing on the internet. I remember the smiles of my family, friend and colleagues when they received their optimist card and also the immense delight of the children when they got cards and presents for the optimist drawings.
His “creed”, which can be read on his website, was not merely a superfluous statement but human voice, caring, connection of people, brightness, animation, LOVE and OPTIMISM. I will miss his suggestions of programs, his kind words, his invitations to drawing contests. I am forever grateful to dr. Cronio Perez for undertaking the difficult task of bringing optimism to the Hungarian souls. His mission is not over; his approach is ours now! Or I hope so!!! Let all members of the Foundations have enough strength, health and OPTIMISM to go on with this mission. I cannot be present at his memorial service in person, only in spirit. We share the grief of his family, colleagues and friends!
With true and heartfelt sorrow:
Kőszeginé Pótor Erika – Kőszegi János – Kőszegi Dávid

From: Mórocz Anikó
To: Optimist club
Date: 27 June 2003 15:46
Subject: Mórocz Anikó

My dear Friends,
I was appalled to hear the news of the passing away of Cronio. I cannot take it in what this means but I can still feel his absence. As an associate of the Hungarian TV corporation as came to know him as an immensely helpful man who smiled all the time. Now I feel that the optimism is not as strong in me as is used to be. But since by being not an optimist, I would not respect his memory, I try to remain strong for his sake. I recently lost my best friend, who was not as old as 35 years old. It shocked my, but I hope that he and Cronio moved to a good, beautiful place and they help all our life from there.
With compassion and love:
Mórocs Anikó

From: luis enrique tigse tierra
Date: 26 June 2003 21 :50